Kelly Morris is an introspective indie/folk styled singer-songwriter from Bristol, UK. Whilst studying BA Popular Music at Falmouth University, Kelly honed her craft as a mixing engineer in order to be a self-sufficent artist who calls her own shots. Taking inspiration from Fleetwood Mac, Taylor Swift and Tracy Chapman, Kelly’s lyrics harness the power of deep emotive statement with a stark sense of unfiltered exposure, accentuated by beautifully moving melodies.

“She expresses in a way that is uniquely hers, yet somehow profoundly yours.”


Nothing is Clear

‘Nothing is Clear’ is a beautifully poignant and driven song with a country twang. Kelly Morris’ warm, captivating vocals deliver brutally honest lyrics about a particularly dark time in her life; though these events are kept light and hopeful through happy-go-lucky drum beats and sweet guitar licks.

All photos by Chris Trevena